So Not on Beat!!!!

Posted in Music on April 3, 2010 by damayor13

So as I have stated before, I do a lot of Bouncing around on Second Life From Club to Club, from place to place……

I entered this one club I’m not going to call any names, But  when I finally Rezzed I could hear this sound coming threw my head set, There was this person SLEEPING and had  mic on…..and CHILD!!!!! let me tell ya, Had the whole place Rolling one person even said “NOW YOU KNOW THAT’S A DAMN SHAME” no lie, Love Second Life that much don’t know when to go to bed. I can understand Second life can be a very fun and entertaining place, BUT, Lets not forget that Second Life is just that and only that ” ENTERTAINMENT “…. Enjoy your time there but you have to know when to say when……. because, That’s SO NOT ON BEAT


Get on Beat With DaDeepSouthRadio

Posted in Music on April 2, 2010 by damayor13

Here’s How you can Get on Beat with DaDeepSouthRadio, please read these instructions, and Beat with With DaDeepSouthRadio….

1– You must have a url for a working stream. The one below does

2– Load this url in the address bar of a typical browswer and hit

3– You will get the display you see in picture 1

4– Examine picture 1 carefully you will see the word “Listen” in blue
letters. Left click on the word, Listen

5– you must then take the following steps. Select “Open With”, then
Browse and select the media player you choose to use. I selected iTunes, but feel free to use what ever choice you have

6– Select “OK”

7– iTunes, or the player you have selected will initialize and start
playing your stream.

Have fun

Urban KatZzzz

Posted in Music on April 1, 2010 by damayor13

Urban KatZzzz Is this new store i ran across on SL owned by SueSue Sideways, a multi tasking little Lady, she makes clothing, does Pictures, build homes, So if you’re on Second Life Swing on by and check her out for yourself….. I think she’s on Beat…………..Urban KatZ

The newest in Neko Gear & Ladies.Come check it out see the newest & hottest gear around.
Every Monday new releases!
If u sexy & u know it then ur,
NIce Designz 4 NIce Pricez

Deep South Radio

Posted in Music on March 17, 2010 by damayor13

Staying on Beat!!!! dadeepsouthradio is all about, Fun & Music. Mostly geared to R&B, Funk, Old School & Hip-Hop.

dadeepsouthradio is just an extension to be able to speak freely with respect of course, and enjoy music. This is an extension of my Secondlife a virtual game that I’ve grown to like a lot. There you’re able to be very creative with an assortment of things such and clothing making, building,scripting, and the list can continue.I have a 24/7 Stream running, and from time to time I get up the nerves to go live and speak on a few things anything from fashion, to music, to even current events….. So bloggers Get on Beat with me….http// feel free to post and leave comments

dadeepsouthradio is:

  • Fun
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • News